Friday, January 22, 2010

applique mini-challenge: day five

Dress number five: The Birdhouse

I saved this red dress for last because I had no idea what to do with it, I couldn't think of anything besides Christmas! So I didn't really make this applique up - I cheated (although there weren't really any rules) and traced it off of a vintage dress. Here is the pattern in case you want to use it yourself. Just click on the picture to save or print (for personal use only please).

So that is the end of this challenge. I think my favorite is the first one I did with the umbrella and raindrops, but I love them all.

Would you be interested in more vintage embroidery/applique patterns?


  1. OK the umbrella one and now this one are my new favorites! I decided to do a little bird theme in the the babies room. Love this dress, good job oh talented sis O' mine!

  2. Pretty please share vintage embroidery patterns and applique patterns.