Monday, December 3, 2012

stuff and things

This tiny tree is the little bit of Christmas spirit I have brought out for the girls so far... If I get my Christmas wish (there is such a thing, right?) we will be unpacking the big tree along with all of the other decorations in our new house. Which would be perfect because we won't have much else to fill it with at first.

I am feeling pretty antsy about that fact. That we won't have everything we need to make our home feel like home. We have been working so hard on cosmetics, but now that stage is coming to an end I find myself focusing more and more on the filling part. I am trying my best not to feel like I need everything now, but this nesting that has been building inside of me the last few years is telling me I need stuff.

Like curtains, and rugs, and towels, and dishes, and artwork, and pillows, and things.

And typing that out makes me feel silly and shallow but it's true. So I am going to be working a lot on my patience and frugality, and keep reminding myself (and that pesky nesting bug) that it's not the stuff that really matters in our home, it's our family. It's our love for each other. And if we keep focused on what's most important, our home will be filled to the brim.


  1. ...and if you're patient, you end up finding COOLER why not!

  2. Living in a new house is a grand adventure - filling it with the people and things you love the most is what makes it a home. It all looks very sweet so far!

  3. So, my husband (Mahon Baldwin) works with yours, and your hubby directed him to your blog & hypnobirthing story last week, since we're currently pregnant with #1 and planning a hypnobabies birth. Just thought I'd comment and say that I loved your birth story AND your blog in general - we must be kindred spirits! Good luck with the new house and the eventual furnishing....