Monday, January 9, 2012

thrift therapy

I love a good read, and when my dad handed me The Maze Runner I dove right in late that night, immediately becoming equally intrigued and confused because, really - what the heck is going on in that book?! (don't tell me). I stayed up too late for a mama of two girls who rise with the birds, thus this morning I found myself in a foggy stupor. Literally trying not to cry over spilled milk (LM bailed last minute on the cup hand-off), and kicking myself for missing yoga (which I'm sure would have successfully reversed the effects of my slow start).

I know better than to stay up that late. I need sleep like I need a good thrift trip. So, since I couldn't put myself down for a nap, a thrifting we would go... 

A few fun finds (say that three times fast) later, we spent a nice afternoon playing an awesomely illustrated matching game while listening to new records that were added to the girl's collection. I was feeling much better.

Thanks thrifts, I knew I could count on you.

I feel like my year, like today, is off to a slow start. I do have some ideas swimming around my head of fun projects and DIY's I want to try out and share with you, but apparently I've got two other books to read after this one, so... let's just say, stay tuned ;)

And, some links I wanted to share with you:
- I highly recommend all of you mamas read this - it made me laugh and cry. (thanks Val for sharing the link with me!)
- Also, I completely forgot to mention an interview I did the end of last year for Heather Marie's inspiring blog Paper Doll Smile - isn't that such a lovely name? You can read it here.

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  2. I really liked that series. I couldn't put them down! Good luck Momming for the next however many days... :)

  3. I loved that article! thanks for sharing :)

  4. I can definitely relate! I need a good thrifting trip after this crazy week! I just read the description of the book, and I think I might need to get my hands on a copy.

  5. what did you think of the book? it was actually Brian's pick when we were at the Ft Lauderdale airport for like 6 hours a year ago, then i chose it as my book club book. i still haven't read the 3rd one, which came out last fall, though.