Wednesday, May 5, 2010

i was thinking of you... month four

another engagement pic by JC, we laugh about Husbands big thumb :)

This one is a little late...


When I weaned the Little Miss off of her night feedings sometime around 6-8 months Husband became the one who got up and helped her in the middle of the night if she awoke. Usually she just needed her pacifier popped back in her mouth and a little back rub. I was quite happy to have the excuse that I couldn't go in anymore because she would smell my breast milk and want to eat (or so I read). But what I didn't expect was that he would take over the night shift completely from then on out (I figured out he has been doing it for about a year!). So for the month of April I told him I was going to take over the job and he could sleep. I have to admit it was hard for me to drag myself out of bed after being spoiled so much. The Little Miss does usually sleep through the night now, but she is teething so she still has her days and nights of fussiness. My one month didn't even come close to making up for his one year, but I hope it let him know that I appreciated him getting up all of those times.

I actually already told you about Husband's surprise to me. He built me my garden boxes and I was so excited! I had told him I wanted some, so one Saturday morning he announced that he was going to spend all day digging out the garden area and building me my boxes. It was a surprise that I didn't have to remind/coerce/make him since he isn't one to enjoy working in the yard - at all. So I felt loved because he knew what would make me happy!

So far our little experiment is working. I know some couples might not need this kind of reminder to do service/gifts for each other, but for us it works well and I think both of us look forward to getting and planning our surprises!

Note: Husband and I sat down at the beginning of the year to write down our goals. Among other things, we decided to surprise one another each month with a small gift or act of service that costs little to nothing. The point being that we would be thinking about the other person and how we could make life for them a little easier, love them a little more, or make them happy in some little way.

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  1. Your monthly experiments are such a good idea! I need to get on board and do it too :)

  2. You guys are so cute! Both gifts this month were amazing...I don't know how you keep thinking of such great things! You two make me happy. :) Thanks for sharing this, it's so sweet & makes me smile.