Wednesday, April 21, 2010

old books, new books

I am a bit of a bookworm so I am excited about the old/new books I acquired this week.

Old book covers are so beautiful. The top one caught my eye first because of the design on the side but then I saw it was written by Louisa May Alcott whom I adore (think Little Women). The bottom song book was used by school children in the 50's and is full of cute songs like this:

The Diet Rebel's Cookbook is going to be my food bible this summer - I am determined to try every recipe. I met these two ladies when I worked full-time at the health foods store and am so happy they are sharing their recipes with us. Usually I have to change recipes to make them healthy but I'll be able to use all of these as they are and know they will turn out nourishing and delicious!

And I'm looking forward to delving into Built by Wendy Dresses and Martha's Encyclopedia.

I just finished reading the Chronicles of Narnia again and need to find another good read... Have you read any good books lately?

And thank you to hellodarlingvintage for featuring one of my items in this beautiful treasury!

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  1. Have you read Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close? You might have already, but if not, it's great!

    And I love those vintage books!