Monday, February 8, 2010

hearts on a string

I've been trying to brush up on my crochet skills and this weekend I made some hearts on a string for a little bit of Valentine's Day decor.

I decided to go with natural and gold thread instead of pink or red so I could leave it hanging up all year long. In order to keep the hearts flat I sprayed them with hairspray on both sides.

Husband proposed to me on V-day three years ago so we always celebrate with a mini-reenactment of that night by going to the same sushi restaurant and making chocolate covered strawberries at home for dessert. Maybe this year we will dance under the stars again too.

Are you doing anything special for Valentine's Day?


  1. our ward theme is "having their hearts knit together in love and unity" and I always think it would be nice to present our Bishop with a couple of knit hearts in a frame or something. But... I don't knit. Or even crochet. :) It is the thought that counts!

  2. How sweet to be proposed to on Valentine's :)

    This Valentine's with be my second time that I get to spend it with someone. Last year he took me out to eat, this year I don't know b/c he won't tell me...hmmm....

    Hope you get that dance under the starts :)

  3. wow good job you got them all done, they look awesome :) thanks again for letting us stay with you this weekend, it;s always so much fun to hang out ;)

  4. I hope to be having a child. Ha!

    And I love those sweet.

  5. I randomly found your blog and this post especially caught my eye. This is exactly what I'm wanting to make right now. I'm not super experienced with crochet which is why I wondered if you could provide any pointers?

    Size yarn, did you buy the yarn at Micheal's?, size hook (looks like 3.75mm), tips on pattern? The hearts look simple enough for me to figure out but any tips will go a long way! Thanks!

  6. Oh, I'm commenting again to check the "email follow up comments" box, in case you respond here.

  7. @jana - i haven't made any crochet hearts since i posted this! but, i do remember that i watched some tutorials on youtube that were really helpful. the string is crochet thread i got at a craft store and on the thread it should tell you what size hook to use. hope that helps, good luck! :)