Monday, July 6, 2009

party planning time!

The little miss turns 11 months tomorrow, so the time to start planning her party is now. No more day-dreaming about it, no matter how fun that is... if I want it to look anything like the elaborate party in my head I need to take action (although I know it won't quite look like the elaborate party in my head because we do have a budget). Here are some of my favorite garland ideas - all with DIY instructions! I haven't decided which one I am going to do yet, but I am leaning towards the foam ball garland. Its just looks so delightful and cheery both characteristics that describe the little miss.

Do you have a favorite?

[Lighted paper pennant garland from Once Wed]

[Foam ball garland from Martha Weddings]

[Molly's party garland from Purl Bee]

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