Thursday, May 21, 2009

r.i.p. regrets


Today has been one of those days. The kind where the seam ripper gets more action than the sewing machine...or so it seems. As I write this there are two separate projects waiting to be ripped open - for the second time today. And I just had to take a break.

Because I should know by now to put right sides together, and I should know by now that its important to follow the directions and not get ahead of myself, forgetting to sew the sleeves on before I sew the side closed...among other similar oversights (yes, there were more).

And my mother's words are ringing in my head, "If it's not right, take it out and do it again." The mantra her high school sewing teacher tortured her with in her youth. But, really, it was for her own good - which she now realizes and is grateful for - because if it's not right, she does take it out and she does do it again. And her projects are always well-done, with no lingering regrets hidden in a seam or hem.

Now if you are thinking that of course I would need to fix my completely obvious mistakes, you are right (I think people would notice if the sleeves were missing). I have no choice. But, sometimes, when its a little mistake, one that could go unnoticed I contemplate just letting it slide.

And then I take it out. And I do it again. And knowing it's free of any regrets at the end is almost worth the mistake in the first place. Almost.


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