Wednesday, April 8, 2009

bookcase spring makeover

My bookcase really needs a spring makeover.

It is stuffed completely full of books. There are even books behind the books. Not only that, but it tends to be the place I stuff things because I don't know where else to put them (we need more storage space in our "office" area).

And these pictures are just the inspiration I needed!

{photos from here}

So, I'm planning to:
- Sort through the books and give away the ones we don't need/want
- Paint back panel a fun color OR color-code books (to be decided, what do YOU think?)


  1. fun. i would paint the back because your books don't look very colorful. no offense. by the way. i still have watership down and i regret to say i can't get into it. unpronounceable names bug me for some reason...

  2. I swear I already posted...Oh well.

    But I love your new blog! I feel like you're blogging for me! I love Sarah Jane, I saw that adorable nursery and swooned and I'm just about to do my bookshelf! I think I'm going to put wallpaper in the back of mine though! And the dress turned out great!