Wednesday, November 26, 2014

42/52 + 20 weeks

1 - We spent Halloween trick-or-treating with cousins. The girls wanted to be Anna and Elsa and since we already had the dress-ups the only effort I had to exert was braiding their hair. This was the first Halloween I didn't make any part of their costumes and I did miss the creative process. I hope next year they want to be something we don't already have so I can make at least part of their costume. But, really, what else could they have been this year?! I mean, there were about a million cute little Annas and Elsas running around town, but they were the only ones with the correct hair color AND familial relationship. Boom.

2 - We made it to a pumpkin patch just a couple of days before Halloween. The girls ran out in front of everyone getting off of the hay ride and claimed their pumpkins by sitting on them. I promise we don't practice that type of behavior at home, ha.

3 - Tommy's first time at a pumpkin patch = my first time nursing on a pokey hay bale bench. Also, #menwearingbabies.