Friday, May 31, 2019

my baby girl

You never keep your shoes on in the car. I don't even try anymore. I just put them on when we get to wherever we are going.

You have spunk. In frustration you slapped me in the face this week. But then you said sorry in that sweet-little-in-your-face-whisper that you do. It in no way sounds like 'sorry' but it feels like it.

On top of that you take your little hands and place them on my cheeks and give me kisses over and over again at bedtime, so, really, my cheeks have nothing to complain about.

You surprised me with your ginger hair. You surprise me everyday with something new you have learned, or with the realization that I still need to learn myself.

You want to be heard. You test me every day with the level of your voice. But know I will always listen, even if I ask you to speak softly.

You are determined. We talk about being aware of edges often. Edges of benches, beds, chairs. You always get back up after you fall.

You are loving. Your sister's name is your most said word. Hug is your second.

Stylo Magazine Issue 4

Tuesday, December 9, 2014

47/52 + 24 weeks

1 - LM's newest thing is to practice longboarding on the driveway (which she can still do because this winter weather is crazy mild. Where is all the snow?!). It's fun to watch her grow in her abilities and confidence the older she gets. It seems just like yesterday she was a toddler and I would sit her on this board and push her back and forth across our old driveway. 

2 - I wish I could bottle Lark up right at this moment. She is my independent, hilarious child who can do so many things for herself and makes me laugh all day long, but she is also still my baby girl who will wrap up in her "purple blankie," ask me to sing her a song and fall asleep in my arms. The best of both worlds.

3 - Tommy has entered the next stage of baby hood and now sits up and eats solid foods. He is the happiest little dude. I am enjoying this active, but non-mobile stage while it lasts because I know the next stage is going to be busy!

45/52 + 21 weeks

1 , 2, 3 - These mild Fall days have been golden.

43/52 + 21 weeks

1 - I set up a homework station for LM at a table downstairs so that is where you will find us every week day afternoon. I am really proud of how well she is doing and the work ethic she is building - most of the time. ;) Of course she is a six year-old who likes to play and doesn't always stay on task, so some days are more challenging than others to get everything done. She is really improving in her Spanish reading and writing though, which makes me happy if only because it means her homework doesn't take as long, ha!

2 - Every day the weather allows us Lark, Tommy, and I walk to get LM from school then we head over to the neighborhood park. We sit on our favorite bench and the girls finish off any leftover lunch items in the bento box while relating any important tidbits of their day to each other before running off to play. Tommy usually falls asleep at some point and I get to sit and think with the breeze on my face in between sessions of pushing Lark on the swings. When we decide it's time to go home the girls collect their inevitably tossed shoes and glide ahead of me on their scooters, always stopping to get a drink from the water fountain. Tommy might wake up and start blowing raspberries at me from his seat. We count down the number of blocks left to go, and if the crossing guard is still on duty at the crosswalk we feel lucky to be paraded across the street without having to wait for an opening in the traffic. It's a simple routine that I have come to cherish, and one I know I will look back on with fondness.

3 - Tommy is officially a full blown thumb sucker. I waved the white flag of pacifier defeat, took a deep breath, and accepted it. It is most definitely not the end of the world. You win some, you lose some. 

Wednesday, November 26, 2014

42/52 + 20 weeks

1 - We spent Halloween trick-or-treating with cousins. The girls wanted to be Anna and Elsa and since we already had the dress-ups the only effort I had to exert was braiding their hair. This was the first Halloween I didn't make any part of their costumes and I did miss the creative process. I hope next year they want to be something we don't already have so I can make at least part of their costume. But, really, what else could they have been this year?! I mean, there were about a million cute little Annas and Elsas running around town, but they were the only ones with the correct hair color AND familial relationship. Boom.

2 - We made it to a pumpkin patch just a couple of days before Halloween. The girls ran out in front of everyone getting off of the hay ride and claimed their pumpkins by sitting on them. I promise we don't practice that type of behavior at home, ha.

3 - Tommy's first time at a pumpkin patch = my first time nursing on a pokey hay bale bench. Also, #menwearingbabies.

Sunday, October 26, 2014

41/52 + 19 weeks

1 -  LM got in a cat fight last week. Okay, maybe not. But a cat was thrown at her face and she got a gnarly looking scratch that barely missed her eye and goes all the way down her cheek on one side. Luckily it wasn't too deep so she won't have a lasting scar. I was not very happy when it happened and the mama bear in me came out since it was not an accident, but sometimes crazy things happen when a bunch of kids are playing together and I had to dig down in my heart for some forgiveness. It helped that she forgave the child soon after and was a good example to me. I am constantly learning to be a better person from my children.

2 - This is the week we will start working on saying goodbye to Lark's thumb sucking. We have a plan all worked out with daily incentives that I am crossing my fingers will work since it is a lot cheaper than my plan B. I was just going to splurge on the thumb guard, but I decided I may as well see if I can go a less expensive route first. I have been talking to her about stopping for a while now to get her used to the idea. I can tell she is starting to come around so she won't feel like we are forcing her to quit against her will, but I'm sure it is not going to be all sunshine and roses. I have no wish to make this a bad experience for her though. My hope is that I can help her feel empowered and ready to make the choice to stop herself as the days go on. I'm sure it is going to take a lot of patience and love. Wish us luck!  

3 - And as I try to wean one child off of the thumb, another has started finding and sucking on his, haaaaa. Funny joke, life. I know it is not the end of the world, but I had really hoped he would take a paci. He sort of does both at this point so I haven't completely given up. I know everyone has differing opinions on this, but I've experienced a child who took a paci (LM) and a thumb sucker (Lark) and I would just rather play out the paci scenario again with Tommy. I shouldn't complain though because at this point he mostly just does it at night which is helping him sleep from 7 pm-7 am which is actually pretty great.

p.s. The winners of the Luvsome giveaway have been notified by email. Thanks to all of those who entered!