Friday, October 23, 2009

doll costume

I'd like to introduce you to Little Miss Doll...


Today we did a Halloween dress rehearsal. I'm so thrilled with how the costume turned out - exactly like I pictured it in my head!

Dress - vintage from my shop
Shoes - thrift
Headband - I made the bow and attached it to a headband I bought at Walmart
Wind-up Key - toilet paper roll, styrofoam ball, + cardboard cutout spray-painted gold, elastic bands around her arms are attached to the toilet paper roll by brass paper fasteners
Rosy Cheeks - cream blush


  1. THIS IS THE BEST IDEA EVER!!!!!! I love it, and she looks great. Does she have those cute bloomers too?

  2. When I saw this I had to run and get my sister!

    This is such a great idea and she is soo adorable! (cute cheeks)

    and I love the little turn crank! Great touch :)

  3. Stace you did a great job! It is one of the cutest ideas I have seen. Really so so sweet. I love the wind up key too, brilliant.

  4. I have searched for a dress like this fir months! Any chance you have another like it?